Hilly Nashua 20

September 14, 2008

Since I have all this good food in me, and the sun came out, I decided to go ride.  Heres’ the route, which I’ve posted the route on Bikely:

Hilly Twenty

Hilly Twenty

I mapped this ride for maximum climbing, and never used the granny gear.  Elevation chart:


Hilly Twenty elevation: Total climbing: 1192ft

Before the ride, I put on my iridescent windproof jacket (note: not waterproof, but it certainly holds the moisture in–eew) and was feeling overly warm before I even left the house.  As a just-in-case it got too cold, and for added viability, I packed it anyway.  (About five miles into the ride I packed away the red shirt, as I had begun dripping with sweat due to the 86% humidity.)

Iridescent jacket pinned to camelbak

Iridescent jacket pinned to camelbak

Finally, I can test my newly dropped handlebars!

All the dieting and resting and handlebar dropping did nothing for my ride, I was worn out from the start.  Still, 1192ft of climbing isn’t bad.

1:05:03, 19.8mi
73ºF, Odo 2303mi
avg 18.2mph, max 39.2mph
*86% humidity

Not as fast as I’d like, but it’ll do given the humidity, hills, new chainring, and proximity to a century.  What I’m saying is “I’m satisfied.” I’ll leave you with this:



*FYI, that’s a breathe right strip, meant to open up the nasal passages.  Also helpful to prevent snoring.

One Response to “Hilly Nashua 20”

  1. Megan said

    You have the brightest jacket ever. They can see you in space.

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