Further Evidence of my Continued Descent into Insanity

September 8, 2008

It was undoubtedly driven by a semi-conscious desire to bring about the end of my own life.  After riding one hundred miles yesterday (update to follow), I had the distinct urge to bike more.  I know what you’re thinking: you’re  thinking “Sure that’s crazy, but not really insane.” But wait, there’s more!  Not only do I intend to ride more today, I also intend to modify my bike.  The goal is less comfort and more effort.  It’s perfect madness!

I’m going to drop my handlebars by inverting the stem, then add this swanky new 53 tooth cog to my front sprocket.  Hopefully the end result will have me gasping for breath sooner, crying for my mommy louder, and collapsing from exhaustion right off the start line.  As you may have guessed, I have high expectations. (Parental guidance is suggested for this next image, which may not be suitable for all ages.)

Here is the subject attempting to consume a bicycle chainwheel.  Note the facial expression.  *Suggested additional security measures to staff.

New 53 tooth chainwheel impervious to biting.

New 53 tooth chainwheel impervious to biting.

As you can see here, the subject proceeded to attach reverence to the seemingly indestructible chainwheel.

Note the halo imagery

Note the halo imagery

More photos here. Enjoy.

Unfortunately, the test results were inconclusive:

First chainring micro-test
11:26, 3.7mi
78ºF, Odo 2258mi
avg 19.6mph, max 31.2mph
*Drafted an SUV

When I tried to install the new chainring the front derailleur threw a huge fit and would not cooperate with the rest of the bike.  After a short timeout (one hour of fiddling), I rode to the bike shop.  Goodales to the rescue, again; they fixed it and now everything is working together.  Thanks again, Goodales!

The top speed test was a huge success.  Though my legs were done before I started, I was able to bring the bike up to 30mph on flat ground.  Granted, that was while drafting a car.  This test was cut short due to an emergency trip to the pub with a co-worker.  More testing required.


One Response to “Further Evidence of my Continued Descent into Insanity”

  1. divakitty said

    This is all for the effort of giving us heart failure… right?

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