Bike to Work, day 77

August 25, 2008


Think of the heads you’d turn riding that around!

My ride this morning was uneventful.  I attempted to keep my average speed up by accelerating up the hills but not so much as to work up a big sweat.  The reason for this was lazyness compounded with forgetting to buy a tiny bottle of shampoo for work.

23:49, 6.4mi
66ºF, Odo 2019mi
avg 16.2mph, max 25.6mph

I’m expecting rain today.  Fortunately it shouldn’t be too cold.

No rain today.  However, I took a moment to stretch before my ride, and I’m glad I did!  I felt a huge burst of energy at the start, and carried it to the end, past the total exhaustion point.  I listened to Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, hoping I could get home before it finished (17:09)

18:57, 6.5mi
84ºF, Odo 2026mi
avg 20.5mph, max 36.9mph

Still, one minute from a record is miraculous.  I can identify at least three things that have been slowing me down.  I need more protein before the ride home, I haven’t been drinking water during the day, and I haven’t been stretching.  What a difference just stretching made!


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