Giant Seventyfive

August 16, 2008

I’ve changed the day’s schedule.  I’m still going to ride my bike, but I’m going to drive to Manchester first, then leave the car (and karate gear) there.  This way I can get a good carb filled lunch before doing SEVENTY FIVE MILES.  I was planning my trip last night in two segments: 20 miles, black belt class, 45 miles, when math smacked me upside the head.  No, that’s only 65 miles.  you need 20 and 55.
That frightened the life out of me, especially with a black belt class in the middle.  Then I thought of doing the first 20 with my karate gear on my back.

So the new plan is: drive to karate, get (lots of) food, then:
Ride most of my favorite fifty, ride down rt13, then catch rt130 and make my way home.

Here’s the ride on bikely and here’s the elevation:

Total climb 4134ft.

I’ll take 20 mile breaks even if I don’t feel like I need to.  I’m so excited!

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