Bike to Work, day 72

August 15, 2008

No records this morning, though I did beat yesterday’s time by 4 minutes.

22:17, 6.5mi
59ºF, Odo 1790mi
avg 17.6mph, max 28.0mph

I’d like to be breaking 20 every day, but I think to accomplish this I’d need to stop doing fifties on weekends.  That’s not going to happen.  Maybe this weekend I should try 75 miles.  I bet I can find some nice backroads out to the west of Manchester and Nashua, worthy of a nice long ride home on Saturday.  It’s a little more than 20 miles to Manchester via 3a, so I’ll have to plan a clever 35 mile route home.

Really good ride home considering my recent times.

20:10, 6.6mi
77ºF, Odo 1797mi
avg 19.6mph, max 31.8mph

Last time I did a huge ride, my times slowed by 4 minutes for the whole week after.  Fortunately, after a long rest that weekend, I broke all my old records.  Now, that slow week I continued to push, but I just didn’t have anything in me.

This week I haven’t really been pushing, and it shows.  On the one hand, my slow days now are the same speed as the records I broke that day.  But on the other, this new higher cadence is killing me.  I feel that I have more endurance, and go faster, in a higher gear with a lower cadence.

Tomorrow I will be riding to karate and back home again, the long way,  I’m hoping to do 75 miles.  Sunday I want to go to the beach and do 50 (or more) there.  Wish me luck!


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