Bike to work, day 66

August 5, 2008

What a beautiful morning!  For some reason, this morning I felt more open than usual.  The air felt clear and accepting.  I took more notice of the sky and how beautiful the world is.  Maybe I was just more relaxed than usual.  I pushed the whole ride, but didn’t kill myself.  I took the overpass in the middle gear.

21:51, 6.5mi
68ºF, Odo 1642mi
avg 17.9, max 27.4mph

I haven’t worn my iPod for the last two days, because I forgot the headphones in Manchester, along with my cell phone.  I don’t miss the cell phone =)

The ride home wasn’t bad either

19:16, 6.5mi
79ºF, Odo 1649mi
avg 20.3mpg, max 32.7mph

I do not expect to break any records so soon after a Fifty, especially after a week of not commuting, so I don’t mind being a minute or so over my record.  Still, I itch to bring those morning times in a little.


2 Responses to “Bike to work, day 66”

  1. divakitty said

    You are more than welcome to take my Blackberry as long as you promise to reply to all the emails associated with it…

  2. plusran said

    Would it be ok if all the replies were “meow, meow” ?

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